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About Narmineh

Narmineh Gostar Natanz Inc (NGN) is a leading manufacturing company established in Iran and headquartered in Tehran, directed by and towards the needs of our customers at the opening of new markets in the Middle East.
Narmineh Gostar Natanz Inc (NGN) is formed by team of professionals, working in a matrix structure in individual department. we have extensive global partnership with some of the world's leading raw material manufacturers of raw material who pass our national standards and organization values. Our company is a leading exporter of various Hygienic goods including, Toilet paper, Facial tissues, Napkin tissue, Kitchen towel tissue baby diapers, tissue raw material. We are specialized in selling our products in the Middle East and have an ongoing relationship with various manufacturers and distributors around the globe.
Narmineh Gostar Natanz Inc (NGN) prides itself on its long term business partnerships; its customer focused strategies and wide distribution network. Today NGN has forged for itself a respected reputation of expertise and excellence. Our technical and sales teams are well qualified to provide solutions to the most stringent client needs. Through the years, we have built strong relationships with our principals & partners in Europe and Asia, who channeled to team innovations and technology breakthroughs.
Narmineh Gostar Natanz Inc (NGN) partners with a wide variety of companies, across many different sectors. These include local and regional businesses, as well as leading multi-national corporations. In addition, we are always interested in talking to potential partners across almost any business sector who shares our values. In return we have much to offer our partners cooperating with them to make a win win business relationship. Over 35 years of operation we have successfully built creditability with banks and companies, our great creditability is a key behaviour proving the high degree of trust worthiness in business deals. In order to know more about our operation or if you are interested to build a mutual business relationship, please refer to the contact page of our website in order to get more information on how you can touch base with us.