In Narmineh Gostar Natanz history is known to be one of the value of the company. it is used to make us proud of our accomplishments and learn from our mistakes so that it will never be repeated again. all of the important events from 1979 untill 2016 is recorded and it will continue to be recorded in the years after.

Narmineh Gostar Natanz enters the Hygienic business field with a textile company established in Tehran
manufacturing plant
Narmineh Gostar Natanz started building its first production plant near Isfahan, in Natanz Oureh Industrial Town. The company facilitated the plant with paper manufacturing equipment upon unveiling the factory’s building.
The Snail
Narmineh Gostar Natanz Takes its first step on the hygienic market segment. The company started producing various types of paper including bathroom tissues, and Facial tissue papers by using the brand name “SNAIL”.
total quality managment
Moving ahead with a brand new management system, seeking for growth Narmineh Gostar Natanz implements the new total quality control management system which resulted in Prime quality products, customer satisfaction, and continues improvement of quality and management over time.
economic facial tissue
Narmineh Gostar Natanz Introduces its new packaging solution for facial tissue papers. By using plastic instead of boxed the new product was flexible and suitable for any use. The new product was called Economic Facial tissue.
The Snow
Narmineh Gostar Natanz introduced its new brand “Snow” to the market. The new brand was identical to the other brand in terms of quality. However, different designs and types of packaging were used to better meet customers needs.
Global market
With the endless efforts, Narmineh Gostar Natanz expanded its market area beyond the Iranian borders due to its new export department established. The company started exporting to neighbor countries such as Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Iraq, Azerbaijan and etc. At the same time the new brand “Snow” was also introduced hoping that the company can expand into foreign markets with different designs.
Insert Baby diaper
A new set of Insert baby diaper machine was installed in the production plant. Baby diapers raw materials was purchased from Finland and Spain in order for this product to be introduced to the market with the highest quality.
printing technology
All new Printed tissues were introduced to the market. Technology and biogradable hygienic color enabled this product to be popular.
Non-Profit organizations
Narmineh Gostar Natanz always believed in helping non-profit organizations. In the year 2013 upper management agreed on donation plan to these organizations across Iran.
green environment
BIogradable Plastics are used for packaging since they are environmental friendly. The new type of plastics will help us to be committed to our green community. While normal plastics used needs centuries to be decomposed, our biograde plastic only needs 10-15 years.
Engraving Technology
new technology was introduced for producing toilet papers. Engraving technology which resulted in higher quality of finished product along with 50% more paper strength and 40% more water absorbent. The new characteristics of toilet paper produced by our company reduce the average household toilet paper usage by 30%. The results will help our green community at Narmineh since each ton of tissue produced requires 17 gigantic trees to be cut down.