Career Opportunities

Narmineh Gostar Natanz offers a wide range of opportunities within the company itself. Different set of skills and experience is required for qualification of every job. We are glad to be known as one of Iran’s premier sources of jobs with over 1000 employees in total. We hire factory workers, doctors, Engineers, accountants, Sales people, marketing people, drivers, purchasing officers and etc. We offer our employees standard benefits and training courses as well as career development opportunities. We also expect our employees to have certain behaviours and skill sets. In the text below you can see a list of careers offered at our facilities in Iran in different department.

Production Department

This department is the largest and multi-skill based department. This means that the production department employs people for management of the factory, testing and analyzing in the laboratory, Research and development people, technicians, engineers, Machine Operators, Line managers, Account Holder. The following chart below demonstrates the department hierarchy.
Production Manager
Assistant Manager
Line Manager
Head of Quality
Head of Engineering
Book Keeper
Production Statistics
Shipping and Receiveing

Marketing Department

Marketing department holds a great importance at the heart of our company. We are looking for professional sales and marketing specialists who are willing to put effort and ideas into our products. In this particular department, members cooperate with financial department and production department and all other departments on a regular basis in order to be successful. department hierarchy chart is as of below.
Head of Marketing
Sales Manager
Tehran Areal Sales
Retail Store Officer
Hotels and Hospitals
Market Data Analyzer
Restaurants Officer

Human Resources Department

Human capital nowadays holds a great importance in every organization. With our human intelligence companies would face difficulties in operating. Here in Narmineh Gostar our human resources department is responsible for hiring, firing. Here we make sure that everyone is doing their best and are willing to work with all of their colleges in order to achieve our organization visions and goals. Human resources is also responsible to consult individuals in order to get results. For example, marketing department can get help from HR department to make sure that their target customers are satisfied. Trainings and benefits and promotions are all decided in HR department. Every year we try our best to recruit new specialist through exhibitions and attending universities job fair. The Hierarchy chart of this department is as of below.
Head of Human Resources
Hiring Officer
Legal Affairs Officer
Intelligence Officer

Financing Department

Financial department manages all financial issues, it sets budget of every single department and consultancy to top managers of the company for new investments. This department records all sales reports, production cost reports, pricing of products and discounts, taxation issues, loans issues and any other financial related issue. This department cooperates with other departments based on their projects and mutual needs.

Customer Relation Department

Customer relation department is designated for after sales service and full customer satisfaction. This is a small department with important responsibilities. At all time they take care of customers in different issues and they will report it to production quality department where problems can be solved they are mostly dealing and cooperating with marketing department and production department to make customers fully satisfied.
Head of Customer Relations
Final Customer Officer
Retail Stores Officer
B2B Officer

Commerce Department

This department is consisted of two different parts; domestic commerce where they are responsible for purchasing all the raw material of the factory and completing any purchase order in the most efficient way. On the other hand, there is international commerce officers; they work cooperatively with marketing department for export sales and export market development and on the other hand they also work with production department for their need of raw material, special machinery parts. Financial, commerce, production department also work cooperatively for new production line investments or assembly. International Commerce officers must speak English fluently and need a proof of English proficiency.
Head of Commerce
International Commerce Officer
Export Sales Officer
Import Offier
Domestic Commerce Officer

Legal Department

Legal Department is a critical component of every company. There are a lot of legal issues that needs to be take care in every department. People in this department are required to have the ability to speak and negotiate with governmental representatives. they are lawyers of our company for every single department.

Interns and Internship Program

Narmineh Gostar Natanz offers internship programs across all departments for Business students, Engineering students, Medical Students and Etc. Students are required to maintain high grades during their academic years. They must have finished 3rd year of bachelors’ university degree. Moreover, they must write a detailed essay about the courses they have taken so far along with the lessons they have learned from each course which they can make a connection to real time job. At Narmineh We offer them full time position if the candidate performs well during the first year of paid internship. For more information contact Human resources department through email located on contacts page.