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At the heart of every successful operation there are strong human intelligence due to the human resources policies, allowing every company to employ the best candidates along with growing them within the organization. By reading the human resources management page of this website you will have a better idea about values at Narmineh Gostar.

Growing and Benefit Packages

Our employees are the key to success. Narmineh works hard to take care of them

While the benefits and employee support services may vary by departments, Narmineh Gostar Natanz work collaboratively to support its employees.
We understand that the strength of our operation is based on the strength of our people. We believe in providing employees with the support, the compensation and the tools necessary to succeed, both personally and professionally.
We offer competitive compensation packages, at all levels of the organization, and understand that by investing in our people we are investing in our future success.
Consistent Quality
Customers satisfaction around the world tell us that what sets us above the competition is the consistency in the quality of our products and our superior customer service.
Supporting Employees
Human Intellectual helps every business to maintain a level of service. We continuously invest in our operations and personnel.
Expansion Investments
Due to economic situations a lot of companies are downsizing. At Narmineh, the management have been successful to rather expand the operations by further capital investment.
Company Mission
Working together in order to be Middle East's primier paper and hygiene manufacturing company

Core Values

Mutual Respect
Organization Succession

Relentless Focus

Training Employee
Development of Talents
Operational Excellence
Capital Optimization
Product Excellence

Key Behaviour

Act of Urgency
Cooperation with Other Colleagues

What kind of Individuals are we looking to employ?

We are looking for young individuals with special abilities and passion for our operations. Individuals who believe in the same core values and visions of our company. We are certain that these individuals can be trained and developed over the years and become the future generation of our experienced team. The human resources department has designed a series of special steps in order to make sure that individuals who are trying to take a part in our operations are the people who have the abilities and passion.
The human resources department evaluates the candidates based on different necessary skills needed for entry to different departments. Every department has special requirements for qualification of every different position. The basic skills must be at such level which trainings are effective at its level.
Communicating skills:
The ability to speak to others in a persuasive way. This is the most important skill for sales people and marketing people. It is also required to have intensive skills in other languages if applying for an international commerce position.
Educational Skills:
At Narmineh we highly believe that successful individuals must have a great educational background. Only highly educated personnel can be able to do great work.
Analytic and Research skills:
Individuals must be able to search about market situation and consumer demand for different products. This required extensive analyzing and research skills.
Technical and computer skills:
Nowadays, completing every task at work places requires computer knowledge and skills. For example, to research in the most efficient way it is required to be familiar with web-based source’s reliability. Further more, a marketing job requires extensive knowledge on certain programs for designing or analysis or etc.
Interpersonal Abilities:
This one is very similar to your ability to communicate, but is specific to the ability to relate to your co-workers, inspire others to participate, and mitigate conflict with co-workers. With the amount of time that we spend “at work” each day these are essential attributes.

Recruitment Process

If you think you are eligible to work at our operation. Please send us your resume and cover letter to us by mail or at applying for a position page at our website. There is also a form that we require you to fill in. Once we review your application we will guide you through the rest of the process.
Receiving New Resume and Cover Letter
Returning the Form of New Recruit
Assessing Your Application
Look for a Position that Fits You based on Your Skills and Experience
Contacting Individuals Informing About the Status of Applications
Interview Appointment
Request for Proof of Proficiency
On The Site Test
You Are Hired!